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We are excited to introduce members of the Christian community and seekers of the Faith to our new Subcription-Based Live Stream/Video-On-Demand TV Platorm.   This is a unique project in the sense that our goal is to provide a Christian-centered digital platform that will be used to support faith leaders in ther mission to reach, connect and engage with larger audiences through messages and presentations that attract followers while helping others strengthen their faith to become better equiped to build stronger more vialble communities for the Kingdom of God.

Please consider joining us on this journey as we work dilligently to empower and transform the lives of those who are seeking and desire to develop a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ for the greater good of self and all of humanity.


Help Us Build Something New for the Afircan American Community

The arrival of Live Stream TV including sites like YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, TBN, Word Network and others have provided endless hours of entertainment, news and other genres of programming to occupy our minds, satisfy our curiosities and even engage us in some form or fashion.  There are only a few sites however that allow us to experience the Living Word of Jesus Christ in ways that are empowering and specifically designed to help persons transform self and communities while addressing issues facing members of the African American community and persons of color to help strenghten our Faith!