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Strategically we will work with church and community leaders to develop and publish video content that contains relevant information, knowledge and resources that address and offer solutions to issues facing and impacting members of the African American community and persons of color in particular, while teaching leaders how to leverage the power of video to deliver messages that minister holistically and more broadly to effect change and transformation.

The Living Stone Network will operate as a subscriber-based live stream/video-on-demand platform that will offer programing in various formats as education and empowerment resources including:

  1. Video Podcast and Blogs
  2. Lecture Series and Workshops
  3. News and Talk Shows
  4. Video Conferences and Webinars
  5. Documentaries and Mini Movies

Another key component of our strategy  is to work with local churches organizations to establish and outfit underutilized space(s) that can be used as digital technology hub sites with the capacity to produce and host video productions and presentations onsite. We will also create a number of jobs and work opportunties for older youth and young adults interested in training to become an intern or freelance professional.

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